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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:WiSpy woes on Linux
Date:15:49:57 24/08/2007

> One last issue - I'm not sure if this relates to the state of the development tree (i.e. not finished features), or if it's an actual problem. In the "planar view" the "freq", "cur", "avg", and "max" values are all blank (they have dashes).

Right - that's how the UI works. Pick one of them, and then click on the graph, and you can place markers. I suppose this needs a little documentation still :) Each of those is a colored marker you can slide around to get stats on a specific frequency, look at the screenshots, they're the little circle things.

> I also get the following GTK errors on the console I started the spectool_gtk app from:
> ** (spectool_gtk:707): CRITICAL **: wispy_planar_mouse_move: assertion `wwidget->chanset != NULL' failed
> (spectool_gtk:707): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_signal_connect_data: assertion `c_handler != NULL' failed
> ** (spectool_gtk:707): CRITICAL **: wispy_widget_menu_destroy: assertion `IS_WISPY_WIDGET(aux)' faile
> The first line is repeated several times.

Those are non-errors, I'll see about suppressing them, it's just parts of the UI coming up before you have a device opened and catching that theres nothing to do.


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