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Posted by:shane
Subject:WiSpy woes on Linux
Date:15:46:53 24/08/2007

> Update the svn copy to R2222 and it ought to work ...snip... but it'll work.

Hi Dragorn - thanks for the super speedy response. I was able to pull r2222, it compiles cleanly, and after adding the udev rules - works well on OpenSuSE 10.2.

One last issue - I'm not sure if this relates to the state of the development tree (i.e. not finished features), or if it's an actual problem. In the "planar view" the "freq", "cur", "avg", and "max" values are all blank (they have dashes).

I also get the following GTK errors on the console I started the spectool_gtk app from:

** (spectool_gtk:707): CRITICAL **: wispy_planar_mouse_move: assertion `wwidget->chanset != NULL' failed
(spectool_gtk:707): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_signal_connect_data: assertion `c_handler != NULL' failed
** (spectool_gtk:707): CRITICAL **: wispy_widget_menu_destroy: assertion `IS_WISPY_WIDGET(aux)' failed

The first line is repeated several times.

I'd be delighted to do any troubleshooting I can - this is a pretty darned cool tool!



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