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Posted by:lordlucan
Subject:Orinoco Gold Card. Orinoco patch for kernel
Date:12:31:50 23/08/2007

Hi all,
new here so please be gentle :-)
Ok I had my Orinoco Gold Card (Lucent/Agere 8.72 firmware) up and running in monitor mode on my previous Linux distro using 2.4.** kernel and the patched 0.13 orinoco driver.

So would like to get it working again on my latest distro (Slackware 11) running kernel. So I already have the 0.15 orinoco driver but because of the 8.72 firmware monitor mode is disabled.....

'iwconfig eth1 mode monitor'
dmesg... 'eth1: Monitor mode support is buggy in this firmware, not enabling'.

So I wish to patch the 0.13 driver as in my previous installation.

I am using the already patched driver, orinoco-0.13e-SN-15, from

But when I 'make' it fails with....

macro "INIT_WORK" passed 3 arguments, but takes just 2
orinoco.c: In function `alloc_orinocodev':
orinoco-0.13e-SN-15/orinoco.c:4474: error: `INIT_WORK' undeclared (first use in this function)
orinoco-0.13e-SN-15/orinoco.c:4474: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only

So I tried with orinoco-0.13e-SN-16 and this fails with...
In function `orinoco_get_drvinfo':
orinoco-0.13e-SN-16/orinoco.c:4234: error: structure has no member named `dev'
orinoco-0.13e-SN-16/orinoco.o] Error 1
orinoco-0.13e-SN-16] Error 2

So I take it I need a 0.13 driver specifically patched to compile on 2.6.20 kernel or a patch to the current drivers (I mean 0.13) to allow one or the other to compile on 2.6.20??

Any ideas where to find these or any other help very much appreciated.


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