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Posted by:ecko
Subject:MAC addresses list of clients
Date:10:34:21 21/08/2007


I used kismet to verify my configuration of my wireless access point.
The authentication to my AP. is filtered by MAC addresses. So, i compared my list of MAC addresses of my network with the client list found by kismet.

In the list displayed by kismet, there are two main types of client: "To DS" (T) and "From DS" (F).
The clients where the type is To DS correspond to my MAC addresses. But, those where the type is From DS don't correspond.
Do somebody knows what these clients represent ? Thanks for the help.

The definition found in the Kismet website is :
From DS: client broadcast from wireless distribution system. These clients are typically wired systems.

But, i don't understand this definition. Do somebody have an explanation of this kismet option ?


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