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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:ipw3945 vs. iwl3945
Date:15:42:45 20/08/2007

> My iwl3945 interface is still named "eth1" as with ipw3945!
> I'm using version 0.1.3 of the iwl3945 driver from and kernel 2.6.21. As this kernel includes the mac80211 wlan stack i did not need to install it manually.

I'm going to guess you have a persistent udev rule bound to that mac address which changes the name.

> I also do not need to execute the commands you mentioned. Just start kismet as usual with not a single line changed in the config file!

If all it needs is down/config/up, then kismet ought to work with it, yes, it already has hooks to do that for mac80211.


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