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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Filtering 802.11 Control/Management Frames
Date:20:58:07 17/08/2007

> Long time lurker, first time poster. Has anyone here experimented with selectively ignoring 802.11 deauth/disconn frames on a client? Can this be done at the firewall level (say...netfilter) or is it handled at the device driver level?

Driver level (if a softmac/semi soft-mac)

Firmware level (if not)

Most modern cards (ipw, ath, etc) can ignore deauth/disassoc. yes, this mostly works as you'd hope, tho it can cause problems on "smarter" enterprise-level networks which try to balance users across APs.

Drivers turn data frames into 802.3 ethernet, and don't pass control frames, so the firewall layer is not involved.


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