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Posted by:nexted
Subject:Does Kismet work with the new Intel 4965AGN?
Date:14:46:17 12/08/2007

> > Does anyone have any experience with this? Intel released the iwl4965 drivers for it, but I've been able to find absolutely zero information on whether it works or not (and I'm waiting for my new notebook to arrive, ordered without even THINKING about this).
> >
> > I saw that the new Atheros 802.11n chipsets work, although they don't distinguish g from n, so I'm holding out hope.
> No idea, I've never even heard of it before now. if there are drivers from intel for it, I'd say chances are high that they have rfmon support, so kismet *ought* to work, but I don't know. Best bet is to try the 3945 source and see what happens. If it can take an iwconfig mode monitor, send me a tcpdump -s0 of it.
> -m

Intel released the iwl4965 drivers for it, which I would /expect/ to work, but I was just curious because there's basically nothing showing up if you search for kismet + 4965, and someone on the Ubuntu forums hasn't had luck setting it up (but he may not be configuring Kismet correctly).

I'll have the notebook in a week or two, so if I don't have any luck with it, I'll get you that tcpdump.


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