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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:wispy-tools (SVN) on openSUSE 10.2
Date:19:24:59 08/08/2007

> > [edit] - Thats not a standard file, it doesn't exist in the vanilla kernel
> > sources, so we'll have to find another solution.
> Doh... looks like it comes with the Linux source but some distros don't put it in /usr/include/linux because it's meant to be internal. (SuSE does, ArchLinux doesn't.)
> I found this in /usr/include/iwlib.h (from wireless-tools):
> /* Fixup to be able to include kernel includes in userspace.
> * Basically, kill the sparse annotations... Jean II */
> #ifndef __user
> #define __user
> #endif

Thanks - looks hackish, but also looks like theres no other real alternative for now.

It's added to my dev tree, however it won't get checked in until I finish a rewrite on the network code which currently has the tree half-broken.


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