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Posted by:rilian
Subject:wav file questions
Date:21:21:13 02/08/2007

Excuse me if this is a newbie question. I'm new to kismet. (Wonderful tool by the way! Thank you for writing it)

I got everything compiled, installed and configured and it works spectacularly but there are a couple mysteries...first off, the path to the wav files uses an environment variable. It doesn't seem to work on my system. When I hard-coded the path to the wavs, the sound works! Also, the file new_wep_network.wav is named as the sound to play for new wep networks but this file does not exist anywhere on my system.

I ran the following to find it:
# find / -name new_wep_network.wav

and the result was:

I assume I can wrangle some random wav file and use it in place of the specified one but I was wondering why new_wep_network.wav is specified in kismet_ui.conf when the file is not included in the package?


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