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Posted by:rogerB
Subject:libpcap quandry ???
Date:12:03:36 26/07/2007

> Sounds like your linker is all sorts of screwed up then, or you're using an old kismet which still packaged libpcap statically. Perhaps your distro has left static-link libpcaps around and is including them instead of shared objects.

Yes - I have/had 2005-06, 2006-04, and now 2007-01. The distro uses 2006. I brought a 2005 I had been using since then into the system as well. It had a external requirement for explicitly. So the link fixed that.

Lets skip history.
Does the current code hardwire the libpcap version into the unresolved externals, or let the linker find the best on the system?

What functionality is lost without ethereal on the system as documented in the README? Or is that history as well?

> > ? Why do I need libpcap?
> > I don't see it as a loaded library during run-time (lsof -p pid).
> > If I just want the .net .csv and dump files do I need it?
> > But I do want the largest set of chip compatibilities.
> If you don't have libpcap you won't be able to capture packets.

Is this ? on the machine I compile on?
Is this ? on the machine I run on?

> -m

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