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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:what replaced 'filter_tracker_bssid.nuke();'
Date:02:01:58 24/07/2007

> Maybe I modified 'macmap' before. WoW, I just went back in the archive to look at macaddr.h; and I find that I added another function 'nuke()'. I haven't done C++ in 15 years, it gets fuzzy. I will post that change and see how things compile....
> Just FYI macaddr.h:484 I added:
> Would you recommend a better way that I do this?

I just added this as clear() to match the STL api.

> I messaged you about added feature back in 2005, but you were just beginning newcore and it may have drifted past.

Well, newcore actually supports plugins now, so doing this may be much easier for you :) Check out the code sometime when you have a chance, now that the layout engine is working I hope to finish up the client soon.


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