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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:what replaced 'filter_tracker_bssid.nuke();'
Date:18:38:21 23/07/2007

> Back in August 2005, working with 2005-04-R1, I wrote a client that did a "CHANLOCK" command that included a BSSID as well. I modified the server to start BSSID filtering with a "ConfigFile::ParseFilterLine(BSSID....)" after it stopped hopping. That code still ports and compiles in the 2007-01-R1b.
> But the subsequent "HOP" command in the server was modified to clear out the BSSID filtering with a call to:
> filter_tracker_bssid.nuke();
> filter_tracker = 0;
> That '.nuke' service of the STL 'map' seems to have disappeared. What is the current mechanism to terminate and cleanup from BSSID filtering?

I'm confused about what you're asking - I've never seen 'nuke' used w/ stl, and that's not strictly a STL object, either, it's a combo made of several STL items.


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