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Posted by:nickp
Subject:Interfaces not tidied up (kismet-newcore)
Date:17:27:36 22/07/2007

> It's not a bug, it's "madwifi-ng sucks for rfmon". There is no way to add rfmon without destroying all existing VAPs. Not shutting down, not disabling, but destroying the interface.
> There is no good way to snapshot every possible state tied to the interface - iptables rules, static arp, routes, traffic shaping, etc, etc, etc, so if you use madwifi-ng and want to do anything involving changing interface modes, you're going to have to reconfigure your networking from the ground up when you're done.
> I see no way to avoid this, so while it probably deserves more comments in the documentation, I don't consider it a bug -- expect this to remain as is.
> (Arguably, Kismet could at least tear down the kis0 interface, I'm actually not sure why this doesn't happen already, I'll at least look into that.) It definitely WON'T bring back any interfaces you had before.
> Expect this to become the behavior in Stable, as well, because mw-ng doesn't work properly with non-rfmon vaps, so kismet will have to tear them down in stable, too.
> Sorry,
> -m

No need for the apology, thanks for the (extremely quick!) explanation.


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