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Posted by:nickp
Subject:Interfaces not tidied up (kismet-newcore)
Date:17:13:17 22/07/2007

I'm running ubuntu and in general I've been using the stable version of kismet, available in the ubuntu repositories, with no problems.

I grabbed a copy of the newcore sources to give them a try and ran into a couple of bugs. It compiled ok, and first run worked as expected, however when I exited kismet my network interfaces weren't as I left them.

I've got an atheros card that usually has the interfaces ath0 and wifi0. After exiting kismet I end up with kis0 and wifi0. Removing the ath_pci module and re adding it returns my usual interfaces (modprobe -r ath_pci && modprobe ath_pci). I'm not sure if there's a simpler way of fixing this without rebooting? Also, on subsequent runs, kismet isn't capturing any packets, even after rebooting.

I thought I'd mention it as I haven't seen it listed as a known bug.


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