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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:Determining MAC of wired computers via Wireless Sniffing
Date:10:07:18 18/07/2007

> Hi all,
> Suppose i have an AP attached to a LAN. The AP encrypts all wireless traffic with WEP.
> If i use kismet to sniff all wireless packets will i be able to see any MAC addresses of computers attached to the wired network or default gateway?
> Thanks,
> RaMatkal

Nope. Only MAC adresses on the wireless segment that passes data through that particular AP. The wireless AP is comparable to a switch and a hub in wired talk.

I.E. the AP acts as a switch on the wired side, listening for data destined for MAC addresses associated to the AP, then transmit that data through the radio side ("hub"). All data for NIC's associated to the AP can be sniffed, since its transmitted as radiowaves. Data from and too wired PC's on the LAN segment where the AP resides, aren't transmitted by the AP.


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