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Posted by:alan
Subject:Startup error
Date:18:04:54 16/07/2007

> > I installed libiw-dev but it didn't change the ./configure output. Still get the same errors, mainly:
> >
> > *** WARNING ***
> > Linux Wireless Extensions were not found. This means that they are not
> > turned on in your kernel or that your kernel source include paths on your
> > distribution are broken (namely, that linux/wireless.h didn't exist or
> > was unuseable).
Without wireless extentions, most of the commonly used
> > packet sources (such as Cisco, Orinoco, Madwifi, Prism54, and others)
> > *** WARNING ***
> Fix the errors as referenced above, and retake Reading And Comprehension 101.
> Dutch

Wow thanks for the shitty help asshole. Obviously since I don't know how to check to see if my kernel source paths or the contents of my wireless.h file are correct, I was requesting help in that arena. But since you're not capable of anything more than regurgitating error messages with cool little bold highlights and snooty-ass comments, then I'll ask a more intelligent help source. Thanks for wasting my time and yours.

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