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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:No wireless networks coming up in scan
Date:09:18:34 09/07/2007

> Okay, so it turns out that the madwifi drivers are somewhat flaky. If I ifconfig up and down ath0 and wifi0 in random orders, sometimes it works. Also, airodump-ng only works when Kismet is working too, and only after I turn set the interfaces up and down for a little bit. Weird.

When using the newer madwifi drivers (previously known as madwifi-ng) with kismet, use it as recommended.
That means you have to destroy any other virtual madwifi VAP's before starting kismet, so you only have the wifi if. Recreate the VAP's when finished with kismet.
"man wlanconfig" gives more info on how to do so.

Also, you can check if it is indeed the madwifi drivers that does something bad.
Create a madwifi monitor VAP. Up that VAP on a channel with traffic, and run tcpdump on that VAP to see if you get any packets.


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