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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:No wireless networks coming up in scan
Date:22:26:04 08/07/2007

> > > I've copied the working kismet.conf from BT to Kubuntu, and it still doesn't work. I have current MadWIFI drivers (dmesg reports, Kismet is 2005.06.R1
> >
> > > Any ideas what could be causing this?
> >
> > Considering that kismet is 2 years out of date, I have absolutely no clue anymore. Run a more modern version.
> >
> > -m
> Sorry, /etc/kismet.conf said the version was 2005.06.R1, but the Ubuntu package is actually 2006.04.R1. Regardless, I removed the package and compiled 2007.01.R1b from source. Still, no packets are being captured. Are there any files I should post in this forum? Kismet.conf or kismet_drone.conf perhaps?
> Thanks.

Did you remember to start kismet with root privs ? All the *buntu versions try to protect the user from doing stuff that might be harmfull to their current level of *nix-fu. So on the *buntu distro's you need to use sudo infront of any command that has the possibility to interact with the kernel/ip-stack/justaboutanythingatall.


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