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Posted by:goldfingermafia
Subject:porblem when starting
Date:20:59:17 08/07/2007

i cannot figure out how to solve this problem, i have read through the read-me file, and tryed finding out in the ubuntu chat room, and nothing so far.

this is my problem when i start the terminal and type kismet

Waiting for sever to start befor starting UI...
FATAL: Could not find user 'you_user_here' for dropping priviledges. Make sur
e you have a valid user set for 'suiduser' in your config file. See the 'Instal
lation & Security' and 'Configureation' sections of the README file for more info

so i went kismet-> conf-> the file that said set user name here
and i set this to goldfingermafia, the same thing i use when i log into my computer. Can somone please help me find out what is going on.
thank you

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