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Posted by:jtmoney
Subject:No wireless networks coming up in scan
Date:04:00:55 08/07/2007

Here's an interesting problem:

Running Kismet on the latest version of BackTrack 2, I am able to see access points with no problems.

On my Kubuntu 7.04 installation, however, no APs are appearing once the program is launched.

I've copied the working kismet.conf from BT to Kubuntu, and it still doesn't work. I have current MadWIFI drivers (dmesg reports, Kismet is 2005.06.R1 on both BT and Kubuntu, and libpcap is 0.9.5 on my Kubuntu install. I closed out of KNetworkManager and killed all dhcp and dhclient processes.

I have an Atheros AR5006EG (I believe), and dmesg reports it as an Atheros 5424/2424.

Any ideas what could be causing this?


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