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Posted by:eldubya
Subject:trouble compiling Kismet
Date:20:15:57 27/06/2007

Hello all,
I am ruinning Fedora Core 5/madwifi- with a Orinono Gold (11b/g). As far as I can tell, wireless is working just fine, but I cannot compile kismet-2007-01-R1b

Here is the output from ./configure:

Configuration complete:
Compiling for: linux-gnu (i686)
C++ Library: stdc++
Installing as group: root
Man pages owned by: man
Installing into: /usr/local
Setuid capable: yes
Terminal Control: ncurses
Curses interface: yes
Panels interface: yes
Linux Netlink capture: no
Linux wireless : yes
Linux wireless v.22+ : yes
pcap capture: yes
airpcap control: n/a (only Cygwin/Win32)
WSP100 capture: no
Viha capture: n/a (only Darwin)
Radiotap headers: yes
Imagemagick support: no
Expat Library: no
GMP Library: no
PThread Support: yes
libz compression: no

but when I run 'make':
Using local dump code: In function âint Iwconfig_Set_Channel(const char*, int, char*)â: error: âstruct iw_freqâ has no member named âflagsâ error: âIW_FREQ_FIXEDâ was not declared in this scope
make: *** [iwcontrol.o] Error 1

Any help would be very appreciated. Cheers.

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