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Posted by:robhlam
Subject:ZD1211b on OS X
Date:16:18:08 27/06/2007

I'm trying to get a no-brand ZD1211b based USB adaptor working with kismet on my powerpc based mac running OS X 10.4.10.

After a little bit of hacking to get it recognised, the adaptor is now working with ZyDAS' own drivers (v4.5.70).

I'm using the latest version of kismet (2007-01-R1b) but it just keeps giving me errors:
> FATAL: Support for capture source type 'zd1211' was not built. Check the output from 'configure' for more information about why it might not have been compiled in.

I've also tried source type 'hostap' (as someone on the forums had success on linux with that) but get the same error.

Is there any way of forcing kismet to compile with zd1211 support?

I'm still not yet 100% sure that the ZyDAS drivers support rfmon. Can anyone confirm or deny that?

Any answers or suggestions would be gratefully received.

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