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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:Kismet log files on OpenWRT
Date:10:54:21 17/06/2007

> Hi Guys,
> Can you give me any tips on how to send the kismet log files to my notebook acting as a syslog server? My WRT54G running OpenWRT crashes once the memory fills up. I have searched everywhere but cant find any info at all. Maybe I am looking at the wrong option..
> Help?
> Thanks!

Don't run kismet_server on the WRT. Run kismet_drone on the WRT, and a kismet_server on the laptop.

If you insist on running kismet_server on the WRT, you need to provide some means for it to store the logfiles externally, or you will run out of memory PDQ - especially if you log dump or gps data.

That can be done by hacking the WRT to attach a sd-card (google for the mod howto's), or by mounting external smb shares (google for the those howto's as well), and configuring the kismet_server to store logfiles there.

There's no current way of letting kismet_server dump anything to an external syslog server.


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