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Posted by:strzala
Subject:drone 2007-01-R1a-1 requires unavailable uclibcxx instead of uclibc++
Date:00:08:12 15/06/2007

> > Hi,
> > I were trying to use the last Kismet_drone present in downloads(drone 2007-01-R1a-1) with OpenWrt, but I'm not able to do it because it requires uclibcxx instead of uclibc++ of the old one.
> > How should I do?
> > I'm not able to install uclibcxx!
> Build it from source to match whatever version of openwrt/uclibc you're running, then.
> -m

i have the same problem.

- version of uclibc is 0.9.27-9 and v. of uclibc++ is 0.1.11-2:
ipkg install
"ERROR: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for kismet-drone:
I have tried to search uclibcxx, but Mr. Google finds only
but execution of 'ipkg install' shows
"Cannot find package uclibcxx.
Check the spelling or perhaps run 'ipkg update'"

I've tried to download and install manually, but I don't know why it is not compiling.
Source tar contains few 'Makefile' files and source files. Is this everything we need to execute 'make menucofig' and compile?

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