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Posted by:tom101
Subject:Passthrough to RJ45
Date:16:03:43 14/06/2007

> Yes, read the docs. Fifo prevents the server from starting until something is attached to the pipe.
> Fifo pipes alone will NOT do what you want, you must write code to connect, read the frames, translate them to 802.3, and write them to an ethernet interface.
> -m

OK thanks, this is the first time I've come across named pipes so didn't realise something had to be attached first. Anyway, I have struggled but managed to cobble together a way to do this. I use kismet to lock the wireless card to the channel of the router I am interested in, start a capture on the wlan i/f with tethereal that sends the capture file to a named pipe, have a small c program convert the 802.11 frames to 802.3 and send the o/p to another named pipe, then finally use tcpreplay to send the o/p from this named pipe to the ethernet port.

Thanks again for your help.

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