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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:Kismet Drivers
Date:18:40:35 12/06/2007

> Hi guys,
> just wanted some general info.
> I have a Lucent orinoco silver card and Kismet-2007-01-R1b.
> Just wondering if I there is any advantage to updating the drivers and if so which drivers should I go for?
> I'm running ubuntu feist fawn as well with kernel 2.6.20-16 on a HP nx6325.
> Is rfmon not already supported in this latest release ... I have no problems changing my card manually between managed and monitor mode.
> Any advice greatly appreciated, Section 6.

It all depends on the firmware of your ORiNOCO Classic card. Please note there is also a ORiNOCO non-classic card, which isn't based on the Hermes chipset, but on the Atheros chipset.

If rfmon works with the kernel supplied orinoco driver, then by all means use that. Just note that if you update the firmware at a later date, i.e. in order to use WPA with the card on the Windows platform, it will break rfmon support in the kernel supplied orinoco driver.

Personally I've compiled 2.6.17x 0.13e standalone driverpackage dragorn has supplied here, and use it on my Debian Etch box (kernel 2.6.18-4) as well as on my Debian Sarge box (kernel 2.6.17-8). Haven't had any problems with that driver version. And you know what they say : " If it ain't broke, don't fix it" ;)


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