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Posted by:Dutch Scan() sometimes fails
Date:14:36:50 30/05/2007

> Edit: Some months ago my Kismet lost the GPS fix every second. It always changed from 3D to none the whole time. Then suddenly everthing worked fine up to now. I never caught the real problem (and i'm not the only one who had/still has this problem). It just came in my mind that it could have something to do with the problem described above ( line 850?)

Nothing to do with kismet. Everything to do with the borkiness of the GPSD v2.x ESR managed fubared P.O.S. software. Guess thats what happens when you try to make a program that tries to convert your device to whatever proprietary binary protocol it supports, and then convert that back to the NMEA protocol which the device spoke in the first place.

Use either the old GPSD 1.09 forked in the gpsdrive 2.09 package or configure GPSD 2.x to only use NMEA, and compile it from source.


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