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Posted by:nils Scan() sometimes fails
Date:08:25:52 30/05/2007

I'm using in my own program. First of all i wanna thank you for the easy to use and free client!

But I encountered the following problem:
Sometimes Scan() returns 0 because "values.size()" does not equal 2 (line 211). I modified the code to print the "live"-string to stdout. This is what i get (when it fails):
GPSD,P=12.345678 12.345678,A=1234.567,V=0.000,M=3

I changed the GPS position, don't want anybody to exactly know where i live ;)

It seems that this happens only (but not everytime) i start a new program or cause some other kind of cpu load.
I'm wondering if there might be something wrong with the code, especially line 157 to 162 ...? Or do i just use the client in a wrong way?

Did you see this before, too?

Any hints would be great :)


Edit: Some months ago my Kismet lost the GPS fix every second. It always changed from 3D to none the whole time. Then suddenly everthing worked fine up to now. I never caught the real problem (and i'm not the only one who had/still has this problem). It just came in my mind that it could have something to do with the problem described above ( line 850?)

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