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Posted by:whistl
Subject:Kismet as root
Date:20:38:14 27/05/2007

> I can't understand very well english but by the way i read and understand a few thinks about how is working but i can;t understand how to run it as root.
> I try :
> suiduser=root
> suiduser=kismet
> suiduser=astrapi
> None working.
> If you can explain a little bit more it will be great .
> Thanks

The answer is: Do NOT run kismet as root. It must always run as a regular user, to prevent a problem (buffer overflow, bug, etc) from comprimising your own system.

I always patch my kismet Makefile with the following simple patch:

and install with "make suidinstall". This patch requires you have already created a UNIX group named "kismet", which your login id should be a member of:

sudo groupadd -g 71 kismet
sudo usermod -a -G kismet YOURLOGIN

The difference this patch makes is that kismet will be installed setuid root, but can only run by members of the group "kismet". That way, guests and other unprivileged accounts cannot take advantage of any security holes that installing kismet setuid root creates.

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