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Posted by:miki
Subject:Working wrt54g channel hopping, without wl scripts!
Date:02:32:07 25/05/2007

> Your post is a bit misleading. Your using a WL-500G, not a WRT. The radio is different in the asus unit, and gives you a bit more control than the WRT and the binary wl driver.
> It's good info, but your subject is misleading.

I'm very sorry if my subject is misleading. Perhaps I should have said 'wrt54g Kismet source', because that's what it is. Because the Asus also uses the wrt54g source, I assumed the Asus and the WRT used the same (or compatible versions of the) radio.
BTW, the WL-500g also has a Broadcom radio with a binary-only wl driver. I don't know if it's a different type, but knowing Broadcom they're probably not very forthcoming with info about rfmon mode, channel hopping and such for any of their wireless products. If anyone can explain the differences between their devices, I'm very interested.

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