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Posted by:RenderMan
Subject:Working wrt54g channel hopping, without wl scripts!
Date:15:45:30 24/05/2007

> To be (excessively) redundant, as far as all my testing has gone, this really _is_ channel hopping, not 'just' setting client mode and then letting it run free across all channels as mentioned in other posts.
> I have verified using locking to a specific channel from the list and setting a default channel. Only the packet counters for that thannel and its immediately adjacent channels increase. Resuming normal hopping starts updating packet counters on all available channels again.

Your post is a bit misleading. Your using a WL-500G, not a WRT. The radio is different in the asus unit, and gives you a bit more control than the WRT and the binary wl driver.

It's good info, but your subject is misleading.

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