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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet with AirPcap adapter in Windows XP - Problem
Date:14:51:19 24/05/2007

> Hi all,
> Currently trying to use Kismet with the AirPcap USB 2.0 adapter in Windows XP. I know this is a device that will work for wireless traffic sniffing - however, upon running Kismet, I get scores and scores of <no ssid> entries (it continues to increase as I let it run; when I finally shut it down, it had around 3,000 of them).
> Perhaps this is a newbie question, but I can't find any info on how to get Kismet working with this adapter in Windows. Any help/advice you can offer would be much appreciated.

It ought to "just work" with the current drivers from the cace site, in there might be some problems with the beta drivers if you downloaded those.


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