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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Locating ap with the same essid..
Date:02:31:00 21/05/2007

> > Multiple APs using 1 ESSID is, afaik, a violation of the 802.11 spec.
> Huh ? Blond moment, dragorn ? ;)
> How would you implement roaming on a large WLAN otherwise ?
> Using one BSSID would be a not just a violation but technically fubar'ed, but not the same ESSID. Thats part of the specs, and required to roam seamlessly on one WLAN with multiple AP's.

Yeah. I read ESSID as BSSID based on his problem description. There IS at least one company which implements a large single BSSID.

However, his description makes no sense as an ESSID, since kismet WILL display multiple duplicate ESSIDs just fine.

Let us know which it is,


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