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Posted by:wiz561
Subject:Orinoco and Feisty Problems
Date:20:51:56 18/05/2007


I'm running Kismet now on Ubuntu Feisty with an Orinoco card. I'm having a rather strange problem. It seems like Kismet works fine and detects AP's, but after about 2 minutes, it just doesn't detect AP's anymore. I noticed that sometimes, it will pop up with 5 to 10 AP's with no ssid's and various mac's, and then it will just die.

The screen is still there and the time/clock is still ticking, so I know that the terminal screen isn't 'hung', but it just doesn't detect anything else.

Also, if I quit Kismet and go back into it (without unplugging or reloading the ornico card), it detect's AP's for a few more minutes, dies, do the same thing, and it works again for two minutes, etc....

I'm thinking that it might be a kismet related thing, since when I quit and go back in, it works fine again. But who knows, it may be a driver problem.

Thanks in advanced for help!

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