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Posted by:strzala
Subject:Is it possible to detect clients NICs in the area?
Date:22:22:55 16/05/2007

I can ask for a stupid question, but I'm a rookie with this stuff and just need help.

I have WRT54GL kismet drone with OpenWRT on board with wireless interface in RF monitor mode. With kismet on my laptop I can see the my Access Point with increasing packets counter and few other networks.
I have also turned on a tcpdump to collect packets in the air to file. This is to check if tcpdump will count the same amount of packets as kismet.

well, it does not.

Tcpdump collects much less packets and they are from my laptops NIC and my Access Point.
Please someone tell me Why it is so if tcpdump reads the same wireless interface in this router as kismet drone?
If I turn off kismet drone and channel hopping, nothing changes.
Tcpdump does not even collect packets from searching the air Network Stumbler.
However, the Kismet can see also three other wireless secured networks.
None packets of users connected to that APs has been detected by tcpdump. As I mentioned before it collects only data from my access point and my laptop. Nothing more. Maybe it works only for certain network mask or something?

Please help.


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