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Posted by:rgbiernat
Subject:Kismet on mobile devices (no, not Sharp Zaurus)?
Date:21:29:42 16/05/2007


> If it runs a posix-compatible OS, has 802.11, has drivers capable of doing rfmon, can run third-party code, and someone ports kismet, then it'll run.

Sony Ericsson has finally released the SDK for the integrated WLAN (did not look into it so far). There is a project which tries to add Posix but far from complete. And there is no port. Yada yada. I am stuck. Maybe I really should buy that Nokia Nxxx thing.

> > connect a bluetooth mouse to it to find networks.
> A bluetooth mouse will not let you find networks.

Sure :-) I wanted to say that I only have to connect a bluetooth "GPS" mouse and then I have all necessary things to get wlan mapping done. (I use Kismet since 2004? - Once built a IBM ThinClient 2800 for my car with Slax booting from a CF-card and do the sniffing with 3 different cards.)


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