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Posted by:tiger
Subject:Is channel lock really working? (dragorn / nils)
Date:10:54:33 16/05/2007

> > > I have an Intel Pro/Wireless 3945 card. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? What's going on?
> Locking channels works perfectly for me with my IPW3945 (driver: v1.2.0).
> Did you close all other programs that might try to control your wifi-card (airodump, networkmanager, ...)?

Well I think i'm just using kismet all other programs that use wireless are off..
on the other hand it seems that when you are using kismet it controls completly your wireless card because it enters monitor mode..

On the other hand i made a capture while locking into a specific channel (ex: channel 1), then i looked at the dump with wireshark and it seems that the only thing that it receives from other channels is beacons... in other words i didn't found data packets from channel 11 while locking into channel 1. But I did receive beacons from channel 11... in a way this makes some sense... but the question is: Is this the way things work? Is this normal with kismet?

Thanx :)

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