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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:No weak IVs for weeks - is injection working?
Date:22:27:04 14/05/2007

> No weak IVs!
> Firstly, I get the idea on how to break WEP; not a total n00b. I know there are a few ways. But am I dependant on weak IVs or hardware that responds to fake auth? The most IVs I've collected is about 3 and now I'm not getting any.

Weak IVs indicate IVs weak to the FMS attack. This is no longer relevant for any equipment more or less made in the last 6-7 years. It is removed in kismet-newcore.

> Questions:
> The rt73 module doesn't seem to be working. It doesn't find the networks the ipw2200 does. Also, when I try to use it to normally connect a process called rt73 maxes out the CPU and can't be killed even with signal 9.

Driver bugs. Try a newer version if you can find one. Try disabling SMP if you have dual-proc or dual-core.

> How can I test that my drivers are injecting properly?

Sniff with another card. This is the only way.

> What are the weak IVs in airoscript? -are all 17 Korek's IVs used?


> How can I plot signal strength? -so I can move closer to the base station.

If your drivers support per-frame signal data kismet will display it in the network info. Also see gpsmap. However, search old forum posts, signal levels in rfmon are often nonsense.

> Is a juicy fat antenna going to help? Is there something discreet yet senstive that fits into a rucksack? -not a vibrator that is.

Depending what you're trying to reach an antenna would be better than the stub on a card, yes.


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