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Posted by:andlog6
Subject:gpsmap doesn't recongnize fonts and doesnt draw legend
Date:19:41:21 14/05/2007

> > um sorry, but when I try to download them from that server it says error 403 forbidden. Can you please allow users to access those files thank you.
> My bad; try it now?
> Thanks,
> -Josh

ok, seems like font problem is gone, now I have another one:

alculating network coordinates and statistics...
Processing 123 raw networks.
Assigning network colors...
Plotting 123 networks...
Drawing track coordinates, width: 3...
gpsmap: unable to open image `map_47.686781_-117.327194_10000_1280_1024.gif': No such file or directory.
Calculating and drawing network circles...
Drawing center dot, size 2...
Drawing legend...
gpsmap: magick/annotate.c:977: GetTypeMetrics: Assertion `draw_info->text != (char *) ((void *)0)' failed.
./drawmap: line 1: 19808 Aborted gpsmap -S 3 -o /kismet/logs/wifimap.gif /kismet/logs/kismet2.gps -trek -R 30

any idea what to do now?

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