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Posted by:jago26
Subject:No weak IVs for weeks - is injection working?
Date:18:36:10 14/05/2007

No weak IVs!
Firstly, I get the idea on how to break WEP; not a total n00b. I know there are a few ways. But am I dependant on weak IVs or hardware that responds to fake auth? The most IVs I've collected is about 3 and now I'm not getting any.

I'm finding plenty of APs and some clients but not much data and no IVs.
When I first start airdump I get some output but after 5-10mins all the base stations dissappear. Similar with kismet. What's going on? Also, wigle isn't very useful in the UK for finding open networks because the map is so basic and search doesn't seem to work

ipw2200 module patched
rt73 module from CVS
Ubuntu with-non SMP kernel now
Kismet for scanning
GPSDrive for plotting
airoscript - am now using to help with automation. I had trouble with (had a bug I couldn't fix) so now using BETA-1 2.0.7, which had a bug I could fix
Windows - trying to avoid; bluetooth driver license problems and 2 WiFi cards has confused it

Intel 2200bg mini PCI
EdiMax EW-7318USg USB
Thinkpad r40

The rt73 module doesn't seem to be working. It doesn't find the networks the ipw2200 does. Also, when I try to use it to normally connect a process called rt73 maxes out the CPU and can't be killed even with signal 9.

How can I test that my drivers are injecting properly?

What are the weak IVs in airoscript? -are all 17 Korek's IVs used?

How can I plot signal strength? -so I can move closer to the base station.

Is a juicy fat antenna going to help? Is there something discreet yet senstive that fits into a rucksack? -not a vibrator that is.

Comments, thoughts, suggestions?

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