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Posted by:joswr1ght
Subject:gpsmap doesn't recongnize fonts and doesnt draw legend
Date:15:12:48 14/05/2007

> Drawing legend...
> stringheight.. unable to read font `courier' (null)

I can't tell you how many hours I spent troubleshooting this issue on BT2. I ended up creating my own ImageMagick package, and another little package to fix a missing font issue.

For testing, download these two Slax/BT2 packages and run:

lzm2dir ./imagemagick-6.3.3.lzm /
lzm2dir ./missing-font-gpsmap.lzm /

Then try gpsmap again.

If it works, cool, please let me know. You can remaster the BT2 CD and add these LZM files to the "modules" directory to make them available every time you boot.


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