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Posted by:miki
Subject:Working wrt54g channel hopping, without wl scripts!
Date:19:57:32 11/05/2007

Some (obvious) omissions (grr)

> Setup
I have tested with either the drone or the server running on the wireless router. You need to setup kismet_drone.conf and/or kismet.conf as explained in other postings.

* Howto (shortened)
---[cut here]---
# Kill interfering processes
killall wifi
killall nas # optional

# Disassociate from any AP you are currently using
iwconfig eth1 ap off

# Switch to client (managed) mode. This is the most important step for channel hopping to work.
iwconfig eth1 mode managed

# Switch to monitor mode (optional)
iwconfig eth1 mode monitor

# Finally run the drone (or the server)
#kismet_server -n # for the server, without any logging
---[cut here]---

To get your wireless networking working the usual way again, quit the client, then stop the drone or the server by typing CTRL-C in the terminal window connected to your wireless router.
Next, run

--[cut here]--
/etc/init.d/S40network restart
/etc/init.d/S41wpa restart
--[cut here]--

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