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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Route or Bridge in Monitor Mode ??
Date:16:10:10 07/05/2007

> it sound really problematic , dont you have any other idea or hint for me ? what should you do in the same situation ? i want to sniff all air collected packets on my windows machine which sniffer resides and the collector is a linux + proxim
> i search around the GRE and didnt find any clue...

I wouldn't use windows, for starters - sorry, but you lack the ability to modify the GRE code to support other link types, and you can't replicate packets to a false interface like tuntap.

This would be realtively easy to solve on linux, with as I said either kismet-newcore + drones + tuntap export, or via hacked up GRE tunnels to dump raw 802.11 frames into a GRE interface and then sniffing from there.

On windows, if it's solveable, I don't know the answer.


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