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Posted by:rooh
Subject:Route or Bridge in Monitor Mode ??
Date:15:17:11 07/05/2007

> > heyya
> >
> > i am using backtrack , proxim , wanna redirect my traffic in monitor mode to an ethernet network , connected to our IDS . what should i do ?
> >
> > i'm collecting building's air traffic using kismet and madwifi drivers and now i can see them using tcpdump -i kis or using wireshark . "kis" is kismet's virtual interface . now i want to lead these packets to our wired network connected to IDS , so there should be some complications with RADIO header and source/destination ... i couldnt figure this out myself so you guys help me out
> You could either use kismet drones which tunnel packets over tcp, or you could *try* something like GRE. You might have to modify the kernel GRE code to handle a different link type, I'm not sure.
> -m

i need to sniff packets with my own sniffer , not a kismet client
now is "drone" handles this situation ?

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