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Posted by:svp
Subject:rssi values
Date:00:25:47 27/04/2007

thanks dragorn and epretorious, for your replies.

Indeed, RSSI value - reporting and accuracy - has always been painful.


> > Finally, are there any other indicators, in Kismet, that give the quality of a given AP? What are the units the "signal level" (and/or "noise level") that Kismet captures and can we use these indicators to indicate wireless link quality?
> Newcore has better division between dbm and rssi.
> However, in rfmon, most cards report values with a large "crap" factor. So I tend not to believe what they say for signal levels at all.
> Plus, anything that reports RSSI, we don't know what it's really reporting. Different manufs use different RSSI scaling and it's all sort of bunk.
> -m

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