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Posted by:svp
Subject:monitor mode error message
Date:00:19:31 27/04/2007


I have this very wierd problem. I am using a SENEAO long distance wireless card (with hostap driver).

I have a laptop with two PC card slots. When I put my wifi card in one slot it is called "eth1", and if I put it another slot it is called "wlan0" (and a corresponding wifi0). Kismet works perfectly fine when I put the card in the "wlan0" interface

When I run kismet with the "ethX" interface (where X=1 or 2 depending on the laptop I use), I get the following error message:

FATAL: Failed to set monitor mode: Invalid Argument. FOOBAR

where, FOOBAR is a long message that tells me to check the version of driver)

I have made the necessary changes to the kismet.conf file to use the correct "ethX" (or "wlan0" interface, when necessary).

Please let me know if I am missing something here (and how can I get Kismet to work)


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