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Posted by:epretorious
Subject:rssi values
Date:23:13:41 23/04/2007

From Wikipedia (

> In an IEEE 802.11 system RSSI is the received signal strength in a wireless
> environment, in arbitrary units... RSSI measurements will vary from 0 to 255
> depending on the vendor. A value of 1 will indicate the minimum signal strength
> detectable by the wireless card, while 0 indicates no signal. The value has a
> maximum of RSSI_Max. For example, Cisco Systems cards will return a RSSI of 0 to
> 100. In this case, the RSSI_Max is 100. Another popular Wi-Fi chipset is made by
> Atheros. An Atheros based card will return a RSSI value of 0 to 60.

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