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Posted by:Dutch Error on compile
Date:22:23:20 23/04/2007

> Hi,
> I'm Trying to compile kismet-2007-01-R1b on a SuSE 10.2 Disto and am geting an error during the make process, all headers seem fine during configuring and have had kismet-2006_04-R1-27 running on the same install perfectly. I have tried compiling after configuring with ./configure --disable-pcap and it compiles and installs fine with no problem, however it is rather pointless running kismet without pcap as my 2 cards use madwifi and orinoco drivers.

Look at the changelog here : since the link to the changelog for kismet-stable still points at 2006-04-01.
Note the entry for Sept 05 2006. Then go update libpcap on your distro, and bug your distro's libpcap maintainer to fix it as well.


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