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Posted by:svp
Subject:rssi values
Date:18:54:14 23/04/2007

How do I get RSSI value using Kismet? An old answer to this question was that it depends on pcap file format; if pcap comes out with a new file format, then Kismet will have knobs for RSSI value. Any updates on that front.

If I were to hack Kismet to get the RSSI value from a Senao lond range wireless card (PC-EXT2 card), what be the right way to go about it?

Finally, are there any other indicators, in Kismet, that give the quality of a given AP? What are the units the "signal level" (and/or "noise level") that Kismet captures and can we use these indicators to indicate wireless link quality?

Any help with these questions will be great!


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