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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:Server crash-"terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_alloc'
Date:21:36:53 21/04/2007

> Hello all,
> I have seen this error multiple times while wardriving with Kismet using a Prism capture source. It's followed by what(): St9bad_alloc. Then the server shuts down. Any suggestions would be appreciated. If more info is needed, I'm happy to provide.
> Russell

When asking for help in debugging such errors, the more info you provide from the onset, the better. That would include stuff such as platform + specs, distro, WiFi card used, Driver used, kismet version, selfcompiled or from a package, whether you've tested it on another machine, and with another card, etc, etc.

With the info that you deemed fit to include, the only thing one really can say is : Something is wrong somewhere.

Remember, those that read your post, are not mindreaders, or able to psychically determine what you are using to run the software you need help with.


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